Nancy Pelosi Tries To Blame Capitalism For America’s Problems

( Following in the footsteps of Barack Obama who frequently criticized American when overseas, while speaking to a London audience, Nancy Pelosi, had nothing but harsh words for American capitalism.

Speaking at the Chatham House think tank, Pelosi said that while capitalism is the American economic system, she wants to “improve” it — by turning the country into a welfare state where the government funds your entire life apparently.

Pelosi claimed that America has a system where success is achieved through “the exploitation of the workers,” and the exploitation of the environment “and the rest.”

But don’t worry, folks. Just because Nancy is burping out tried and true Marxist talking points doesn’t mean she wants to get rid of capitalism. Nope. She just wants to “correct” capitalism so it’s more like socialism.

Why would any “think tank” invite a brain-dead nitwit like Nancy Pelosi to speak? Shouldn’t think tanks seek out people who can think?

In fact, what was Nancy Pelosi doing in London at all?

It would be one thing if Pelosi tried to make the case for returning to free market capitalism and away from crony capitalism where those with ties to power excel and those who do not fail.

But she doesn’t object to crony capitalism at all. Her beef is with free market capitalism because in free markets, government has no control over the economy.

Pelosi doesn’t want to “correct” capitalism; she wants to control it.

This explains why Pelosi is pushing this monstrous $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” boondoggle. It expands the welfare state, puts the people dependent on government, and imposes onerous regulations on businesses that will completely cripple the free market economy. Inflation will increase, jobs will be destroyed, and government spending will far outpace our GDP.

This is not how you “correct” capitalism. It’s how you destroy it.

Pelosi was back in DC on Monday to call the House back into session after its August recess. And her main objective is getting that $3.5 trillion monstrosity passed.