Nancy Pelosi Runs From Press As They Try To Ask Her About Afghanistan

( It was not even two weeks before that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi quickly responded to the fall of Kabul by praising President Biden for his “strong” and “decisive” leadership in ceding Kabul to the Taliban. But after Thursday’s deadly terror attacks in Kabul that left thirteen US service members dead, Pelosi clammed up.

Pelosi, who was in San Francisco celebrating “Women’s Equality Day,” refused to give any public remarks on what was the single deadliest attack on US servicemen in over a decade. Instead, when peppered by reporters for comment, Pelosi referred them to a written statement released by her office earlier that day.

In the face of such carnage, Pelosi kept her focus on spiking the football over the Democrats ramming through the crippling $3.5 trillion phony “infrastructure” bill as well as the bill federalizing US elections.

It was as if the terror attack in Afghanistan wasn’t even on her radar.

Pelosi prattled on about “empowering women” while burping out meaningless bromides like “when women succeed, America succeeds.”

CBS News congressional reporter Zak Hudak said that Pelosi refused to comment on camera about the Kabul bombings, saying instead, “I put out a statement.”

In reality, some staffer put out a statement. The odds that Pelosi had anything to do with it are pretty much zero.

The Speaker’s statement hit all the standard pro forma remarks politicians always use when Americans are killed in a terror attack. She “strongly condemns” the attack. She and her staff “mourn the loss” of the innocent, and “join every American in heartbreak.”

“Join every American in heartbreak” by blathering on about “when women succeed, America succeeds.”

Then, naturally, Pelosi’s statement shifted gears and praised the administration for evacuating all the people the administration put in the position of having to be evacuated.

What Pelosi refuses to do, however, is treat the cataclysmic failure of the Biden administration with any sense of urgency. When Republican leaders demanded she bring lawmakers back to Washington before the August 31 deadline, Pelosi’s office wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

As it is, the House is not expected to return to work until September 20.