Nancy Pelosi Reveals PARTISAN $2 Trillion Coronavirus Bill

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week unveiled a $3 trillion coronavirus aid package that has been cooked up by the Democrats, after having refused to allow Republicans to take part in its construction. Pelosi unveiled the new plan which includes $1 trillion for the cities and states, as well as “hazard pay” for the essential workers out working every day.

The House is expected to take a vote on the new package on Friday, but Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told the media there is no “urgency” and that the Senate is going to wait until Memorial Day to act on the proposed legislation.

In a press conference in her office at the Capitol, Speaker Pelosi said, “We must think big, for the people now. Not acting is the most expensive course.”

Pelosi famously withheld funding in earlier rounds of the coronavirus relief package negotiations after turning her nose up at bipartisan legislation and putting forward her own partisan legislation instead. The Democrats’ plan included several far-left policies that they thought they could slip through, including policies ripped straight from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, but it ultimately didn’t pass. Pelosi is once again trying to push forward partisan legislation.

The new legislation is called the “Heroes Act.” It focuses on giving money to rural and small suburban municipalities who have largely been left out of previous legislation. It also offers a new round of $1,200 cash injections to Americans all over the country and increases the maximum amount that can be claimed to $6,000. It would also put aside $175 billion for housing assistance to help people pay their mortgages and rents, and a further $75 billion was put aside to help pay for virus testing.

The legislation would also continue giving the $600-per-week in unemployment benefits to American workers who lost their jobs, supporting these payments until January 2021. It also increases food stamp funding by 15% and helps maintain employer-backed health insurance policies.

However, Republicans are still examining the legislation to see what else they tried to slip in there. The bill is 1,800 pages long. Who bets they’ve tried to shoehorn in policies on global warming? Or single-payer healthcare?