Nancy Pelosi Pushes To Show Democrats They’re United Before Election Time

( With less than eight months until the critical midterm elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be getting desperate to show the country her Democratic party is united.

In a show of unity this week, Pelosi teamed with one of her party’s most progressive members at a town hall meeting in New York. Freshman Representative Jamaal Bowman stood with Pelosi at the town hall to answer questions from local residents on the day that marked the one-year anniversary that Congress sent the final COVID-19 relief package to President Joe Biden to sign.

Bowman will be running for re-election for the first time this year, and Pelosi standing beside him is a sign that she’s doing everything she can to wield her influence to convince voters that they should return Democrats to power in Congress. And she’d doing this even though she’s clashed with progressives like Bowman for a few years now.

This is quite the coup for Bowman to have Pelosi standing next to him as he’s trying to convince voters that he’s worth another term in the lower chamber. It’s especially important this time around, as the district that Bowman represents was redrawn this year to include more suburban voters — which, in effect, will bring more moderates to the table.

In speaking at the town hall, Bowman acknowledged this, saying the “conversation here bridges so many gaps.” He even praised the House Speaker, saying on many occasions, she has allowed him and other freshman lawmakers to express their own individuality in the House.

He said:

“She has always empowered me and allowed me to represent my district in the best way that I know how. Despite the rhetoric and the framing of a party at odds with itself, that is not true at all. It’s a space where the diversity of people and ideas are welcome.

“So, there’s going to be some disagreement. That’s how a democracy works.”

There are several challengers who have stepped up to the plate to take on Bowman in the Democratic primary, which will be held in June in New York. The winner of that primary will advance to the General Election in November.

Despite being a redrawn district, it’s still heavily Democratic and is expected to remain that way.

The ironic part about the town hall and the pair’s trip to New York was that Pelosi used some of her time to talk about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that Biden signed into law last year.

That bill was one that Bowman and his progressive colleagues all voted against, despite there being bipartisan support for it. The ultra-liberals wanted much more spending tied to it, in the form of many socialist programs that moderates such as Pelosi just couldn’t swallow.

At a news conference that day, someone asked Pelosi about just that. She responded that she didn’t believe Bowman would’ve let the bill fail if it had come to that.

And Bowman tried to defend himself when he said:

“I was happy that the bill passed. It was strategic play, hoping to push for my colleagues in both the House and the Senate to get Build Back Better over the hump. We’re still fighting to get Build Back Better over the hump.”