Nancy Pelosi Calls Biden’s Debate Debacle a ‘Bad Night’ in Interview

The first presidential debate was held on June 27th and hosted by the major media news outlet CNN. The left-wing outlet (usually sympathetic to liberal politicians) organized a relatively fair structural operation for the debate, asking key and impartial lines of questioning for both presidential candidates. There were strict time limits and no audiences as well, which helped make the telecast calmer and more direct. Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the likely nominees for both major political parties, squared off and Trump emerged as the stronger candidate. Biden appeared incoherent in his responses to questions, and voters took notice; a CBS poll alleges that following the debate, 72% of respondents said Biden is cognitively unfit for the presidency. 

Even Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat speaker of the house, admitted it was a rough night for Biden but defended the president. Pelosi appeared on CNN’s state of the union this past Sunday, June 30th, and was questioned by Dana Bash, a CNN anchor, regarding a New York Times article that called for Biden to step down and claimed individuals were “enabling” the president to continue holding office despite his decline.

Donald Trump and fellow Republicans have routinely cited the border and migration crisis as a reason not to support Biden and progressives. Even the governor of Arizona, (a Democrat) Katie Hobbs recently vetoed a piece of state-level legislation that would allow police to arrest illegals simply for arriving illegally. Trump was successfully able to paint Biden and progressives as incompetent and to be acting in the detriment of the American people during the debate regarding this issue. Trump discussed the metropolitan deterioration that is occurring to the hordes of migrants arriving illegally in America’s cities and cited the reality that many progressives have given these individuals food, housing, and benefits on taxpayer’s expenses during a time in which ordinary Americans are grappling with inflation and struggling to survive and manage fiscally.