MyPillow CEO Hires Investigators To Probe Fox News

( Mike Lindell is now on the hunt to discover why Fox News is preventing him from appearing on their network.

Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and an outspoken supporter of former President Donald Trump, said last week that he hired private investigators to find out their reasoning. Lindell has been wanting to get on Fox News to talk about his thoughts on election fraud.

The MyPillow CEO said last week on Steve Bannon’s podcast called “War Room: Pandemic” that he feels Fox News being reluctant to speak to him about election fraud seems suspicious. He further said he thought Fox News could be involved in some sort of conspiracy against Trump.

Both Lindell and Fox News were sued by Dominion Voting Systems recently. The two separate defamation suits are seeking $1.3 billion and $1.6 billion in damages, respectively. In addition, Fox News is facing another $2.7 billion defamation suit from Smartmatic.

Both companies are alleging that Fox News (and Lindell in Dominion’s case) spread misinformation about the 2020 presidential election, which resulted in them getting a bad rap. Some of the election fraud claims revolved around the two companies’ voting machines changing votes from Trump to now-President Joe Biden.

A video of Bannon’s interview with Lindell was posted to social media. In it, Bannon is seen saying:

“I don’t remember seeing you on Fox recently … Why are the Murdochs afraid of Dominion? Why is Mike Lindell not on Fox, and why do they seem to say, ‘Hey, when Dominion says something, we’re just gonna shut up about it and talk about Biden’s tax bill?'”

Lindell then responds:

“You know, I’m gonna have those answers soon, ’cause I’ve hired private investigators, and I’ve spent a lot of money on them to investigate everything. The bots and trolls, who’s behind them? Why is Facebook involved, Wikipedia involved?

“And then the big question: Why isn’t Fox having people on? Why isn’t Fox on there talking about Dominion and Smartmatic and the election fraud?”

Lindell has accused Fox News of being involved in a conspiracy against him in the past. Just last month, he went on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show to say he hasn’t been able to get on Fox News to talk about the “absolute proof” he has about the 2020 election fraud. He then says he believes Fox News is “in on it.”

On that program, Lindell said:

“I want to say one thing here — here’s things that don’t make sense. Let’s just talk about Fox. You’re already sued! It’s too late to close the gate. The cows are already out of the barn!”

Lindell hasn’t appeared on Fox News as a guest for a few months now. Even so, MyPillow is still apparently the biggest advertiser for Fox News’ highest-rated show, which is “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

For now, Lindell will have to go on making waves on other networks as Fox News has apparently silenced him on theirs.