MSNBC Guest Calls MAGA a “Terrorist Organization”

( Some sputtering lunatic professor who regularly appears on the far-Left MSNBC claimed that the Make America Great Again movement is a “dime storefront for a terrorist organization.”

While appearing on “The Beat” with Ari Melber, MSNBC contributor, political professor Jason Johnson told the host that the country cannot resolve its political conflicts “if we can’t agree on the diagnosis of what got us sick.”

And what is Johnson’s diagnosis?

A large segment of the country has told the Republicans that they don’t believe in “multi-cultural democracy.” And these people have told the Republican Party to do whatever it takes to “make sure the country stays in the hands of straight white men.”

Jason Johnson has clearly never met a single conservative voter in his life.

Johnson told Melber that these fictitious people he dreamed up in his fevered, racist imagination are a “danger.” They are the people Kamala Harris was talking about, Johnson continued, when she warned of the rise of white supremacy.

Citing Kamala Harris as a reliable source is rather comical, you have to admit.

Then Johnson got to the heart of the matter.

We don’t have two political parties in the United States anymore, he told Melber. Instead, we have one party “called the Democrats” and then we have a “dime storefront for a terrorist organization called MAGA.”

And that’s a problem, said Johnson, because it isn’t about “lies and disinformation” anymore. Now we have a “sitting government controlling dangerous people who do not believe in democracy anymore.”

It’s a good thing Jason isn’t concerned with lies and disinformation since he peddled so much of it in that segment.

Watch the lunatic’s rant HERE.

There’s no fixing people like Jason Johnson. They are irreparably broken.