Movement Reported Outside Fox News Headquarters

Presenters on the Fox News show Outnumbered appeared spooked during a broadcast in July, and what happened remains a mystery. Harris Faulkner, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Kayleigh McEnany, and Ari Fleischer were sitting with host Emily Compagno when the strange incident occurred. While speaking, Harris Faulkner suddenly looked shocked and signaled toward the window just as the show broke for commercials. The other contributors present stood up and also began pointing at the window.

When the program returned from commercial break, no notice was given to the strange events, but the blinds on Fox’s famous windows were pulled down.

Social media users saw the odd sequence, and several made guesses and comments. There were many jokes, too, particularly about Tucker Carlson. One commenter said, “Tucker Carlson was outside laughing at them and holding a sign that showed the rapid decline in ratings since he was fired.” Another wrote, “I heard Tucker Carlson was climbing up the side of the building.”

Upon their return, the hosts focused on a surprising statistic showing that almost 40% of students at Brown University identify as “LGBTQIA.” The figure has more than tripled since 2010, as have the categories people can identify with. Since the time that “LGB” represented gay men and women, “identities” have attached themselves to a list that has little or no connection to the original.

For example, people can now identify as “queer,” “pansexual,” and a host of other characters that are not widely understood. Androphilic for example, apparently describes a person who is attracted to masculinity, Aroace is someone who doesn’t feel much attraction to anyone, and Aroflux represents a person whose interests fluctuate. Neptunic is the title for people attracted to women. Saturnic describes a person who is attracted to “androgynous-aligned non-binary people.”

There is no definitive list, and proponents of radical gender ideology do not agree on definitions or the number of “identities” available for people to sign up to. The catalogue is not exhaustive, and new additions are made regularly.