Mount Ibu in Indonesia Spews Ash, Triggering Evacuation

Volcano eruption. Boat near volcano Anak Krakatau during eruption, Indonesia

The Volcanic Agency of Indonesia (PVMBG) reported that an eruption happened on Saturday on the island of Halmahera in the country’s eastern region, sending a vast ash cloud three miles (five kilometers) into the sky. The disaster service warned of lava flow and flash floods.

The video of the volcano’s ash plume, which the agency published, thickened and then dissipated over time.

Following a string of eruptions that began in May, Mount Ibu finally exploded at 11:03 a.m. (0203 GMT). The seven surrounding communities were evacuated after the authorities noticed a spike in volcanic activity since April.

According to the service, the ash column is leaning towards the southwest and seems powerful and gray. Both inhabitants and tourists should maintain a minimum distance of 7 kilometers from the active crater.

Disaster management agency BNPB in Indonesia warned local authorities to be ready for more calamities, such as cold lava flows and flash floods. No specified period was given, but a study by the National Meteorological Organization suggests that the area might get heavy rainfall.

The recent eruption of Mount Ibu is one of 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia, a nation situated on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” that has seen a string of volcanic eruptions.

Mount Marapi, a very active volcano in West Sumatra province, covered many adjacent regions with excellent lava flow and flash floods after heavy rainfall on May 11. At least 67 people have tragically lost their lives in the natural calamity, while 20 more are missing.

The National Disaster Management Agency’s spokesperson, Abdul Buhari, stated that the wind was blowing westward during the eruption, which caused the volcanic debris to be blown to a field near Gam Ici hamlet, where the evacuated people had sought refuge. Their company has dispatched a team to the affected area.

Authorities in the area have asked residents to remain indoors until the ash-and-sand rain stops falling.

Mount Ibu has been continuously erupting since the beginning of May. The eruptions in Indonesia since last week have prompted the authorities to raise the warning level to the highest possible level.

The island country of Indonesia is home to 120 active volcanoes and 270 million people.

Because it is on the Pacific Ocean’s seismic “Ring of Fire,” a region prone to frequent volcanic eruptions, this region is quite active geologically.