Most Of Liz Cheney’s Donations Come From Outside Of Her State

( During the first quarter of 2022, turncoat Congresswoman Republican Liz Cheney received nearly $3 million in campaign donations, bringing her total fundraising haul to $10 million with nearly $7 million cash on hand. But here’s the thing. The vast majority of the money raised comes not from donors in her home state of Wyoming, but from heavily Democrat areas in other regions of the country.

A mere 3.8 percent of Cheney’s donations came from Wyoming while the lion’s share, 96.2 percent, came from outside of her state. And not just from anywhere outside of her state. The top five metropolitan areas where Cheney raked in the big bucks are Democrat-heavy cities like Washington, DC, New York City, Dallas, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Boston.

Other big-money zip codes included the heavily blue DC suburbs of McClean and Alexandria, Virginia.

Cheney also received three times more money from California donors than she did from Wyoming donors, with Californians coughing up $669.43K.

Cheney’s Wyoming haul? $217.68K.

Clearly, liberals in heavily Democrat districts want Wyoming represented by a congresswoman who reflects their values rather than the values of her supposed constituents.

Former President Trump won Wyoming by nearly 64 points in 2020. Cheney, who’s taken anti-Trumpism to near stalker levels, is not particularly popular in the state she is supposed to represent.

That unpopularity opened the door for a primary challenger who is not only endorsed by former President Trump but has also received the endorsement of Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy.

Harriet Hageman, who ran for Wyoming governor in 2018, has a 20-point lead over Cheney in recent polling. And while Hageman is at a severe fundraising disadvantage, raising only $1.3 million in the first quarter, her campaign notes that no non-incumbent Republican has raised as much as Hageman did in the first quarter of 2022.

According to Hageman’s campaign, she enjoys grassroots support, receiving over 21,000 donations averaging $84.

The Wyoming primary is scheduled for mid-August. And while Cheney can take money from other parts of the country, those out-of-state donors won’t be the ones heading to the polls.