More DEMOCRATS Like Mitt Romney Than Republicans

( – According to a new Gallup poll, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is now more popular with Democrats than Republicans. Despite being a Republican senator.

Is anyone surprised?

Mitt Romney has a complicated relationship with President Donald Trump. During his run for the president in 2012 (which failed), Romney worked hard to achieve Trump’s endorsement. Then, when Trump ran for president, Romney blasted him.

After Trump was elected President, Romney engaged in talks with him about taking a role in the administration, only to be rejected by Trump.

Later, against his better judgment, President Trump endorsed Romney for the senate – only for the favor to be returned by Senator Romney voting to impeach the president. These actions made Romney an outcast in his own party, and Gallup’s poll proves it.

56% of Democrats (who most certainly did not vote for him in 2012) have a positive view of Romney, while only 23% of Republicans feel the same.

The results show that Romney’s approval among Democrats has shot up by 19 points over a year previous, and down by 22 points among Republicans in that same time. The difference between this year and the beginning of last year? Romney voted to remove President Donald Trump from office.

Gallup explained the implication of their results, explaining how Congressional Republicans have benefitted from the impeachment of the president, “as they are currently enjoying improved job approval ratings.”

The report continued:

 “Likewise, the favourable ratings of Republicans Trump and [Mitch] McConnell have risen after the impeachment. Meanwhile, the public’s ratings of congressional Democrats and Democratic leaders are the same or slightly worse than before impeachment, given no change in favorability or approval but higher unfavourable and disapproval ratings.”

Senator Romney might be attracting the support of Democrats, but that isn’t good news for him. The Democrats are a sinking ship, with approval ratings plummeting as they become increasingly radical. Even if Romney thinks he might be re-elected in the future with the support of Democrats in his constituency, it looks increasingly unlikely that he would even with the Republican primary to be Utah’s senator again anyway.