Mitch McConnell Tried To Get A Candidate To Drop Out Behind The Scenes

( Congressman Billy Long, who is running in the Missouri Republican Senate primary, has accused Mitch McConnell of taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook by urging him to drop out of the race as a way to prevent former embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens from winning.

Long recounted to voters at a campaign stop that McConnell had tried to get him out of the race on multiple occasions.

He said Former Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, who is backing Vicky Hartzler in the primary, told Long that McConnell wanted him out of the race.

Finally, Long went to McConnell’s office to confront him, blasting him for not directly asking him to drop out of the race. According to Long, McConnell told him the Missouri primary needed to consolidate.

Long told the voters that he reminded Mitch McConnell that the first time he ran and won, it was in an 8-way race, adding that he would do the same thing in the Senate primary.

A come-from-behind win from Long is probably unlikely as the Senate primary appears to be shaping up into a 3-way race between Greitens, Hartzler, and Eric Schmitt.

In the latest Trafalgar poll out of Missouri, Eric Greitens leads the field with 26 percent, Vicky Hartzler was in second place with 23 percent, and Eric Schmitt was in third place with 19 percent. Billy Long is in a distant fourth place with only 9 percent support. Another 16.7 percent of respondents remain undecided.

Before the Georgia gubernatorial primary, former President Donald Trump urged Vernon Jones to drop out of the race to consolidate the anti-Kemp vote behind his endorsed candidate, former Senator David Purdue.

Jones agreed to drop out in exchange for Trump endorsing him in a House race.

However, his absence from the gubernatorial ballot failed to secure the votes Purdue needed to defeat Kemp in the primary.