Mitch McConnell Reveals Joe Biden’s Failure, Says Everyone Knew What Would Happen Except Him

( Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Biden administration and his “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan this week. In an official statement, McConnell said that the withdrawal was an “embarrassment” and that the Biden administration is responsible for the “frantic evacuation” of Americans and vulnerable Afghans.

Several thousand American citizens are still stuck in Afghanistan, including the capital city of Kabul, right now.

In the statement, which you can read here, McConnell also said that the withdrawal was a “shameful failure of American leadership” given that the plight of innocent Afghan people was entirely predicted, and that the dangers and challenges of finally withdrawing from Afghanistan were “magnified” by the decision to withdraw from the main Bagram Air Base.

It sounds as though McConnell and former President Donald Trump may have a slight disagreement on this. McConnell seemed to indicate that the U.S. Army shouldn’t have left, while the former president has slammed Biden for the way in which he left.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Trump said that the United States should have bombed the forts established by the U.S. Army, and taken the millions of dollars of military equipment that Biden chose to leave behind.

McConnell said in the statement that the world saw what happened coming, except President Joe Biden, who “confidently dismissed” the idea that the withdrawal would cause problems this severe.

If we were a European country, Parliament would have issued a Vote Of No Confidence against Biden and ousted him from his position for messing up so badly…