Military Base Warns Airmen To Dodge Trump Rally

After an unauthorized letter warning airmen not to attend a conservative political event went viral on social media, the North Dakota-based Minot Air Force Base is defending itself against accusations of political prejudice.

The Dakota Patriot Rally, which included a speaker from the conservative group Turning Point USA and was held on November 17, came across in an unflattering light in a text message received by Minot Air Force Base leaders.

The letter said some rallygoers may be aggressive against military personnel, and pilots who associate with such organizations “jeopardize” their jobs.

Turning Point’s COO, Tyler Bowyer, delivered the keynote address.

On Tuesday, Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk posted on X, accusing the Defense Department of waging war against conservatives and urging Congress to look into this irrational and disturbed threat.

According to a Minot Air Force Base representative, the message was issued outside of the official base communications systems and was based on inaccurate data. Following the discovery of the mistake, the message flow was adjusted by base security authorities to classify the event as a local political fundraiser, therefore alleviating any security worries.

Lawmakers from the Republican Party wasted no time defending Turning Point, saying that military personnel should be attending events like these and those responsible for sending the text should be held accountable.

According to Senator J.D. Vance, the president is now threatening veterans who attend TPUSA rallies.

Republican U.S. Senator Kevin Crame, Rep. Eli Crane, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Rep. Cory Mills were among those who condemned the message.

Weirdly, the message said that the people this event may draw might be hostile toward military personnel, so “it’s wise to exercise caution” while downtown this weekend.

Furthermore, the letter stated it is important to emphasize that involvement with organizations like Turning Point Action may endanger their ability to continue serving in the United States military.

Traditionally, conservatives support the military.