Mike Lee Invites Manchin to Join Republican Party

(PatrioticPost.com)- During an interview on Fox News Sunday night, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee encouraged West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin to switch parties.

Saying that Manchin should abandon the party of “inflation” and “lawlessness,” Lee said that there is “plenty of time” for Manchin to switch parties “if he wants to.”

Last week, the liberal outlet Mother Jones, reported unverified rumors that Manchin had told his associates that he was considering leaving the Democrat party and going Independent unless President Biden agreed to significantly pare down his onerous $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” social welfare bill.

Within no time, the Mother Jones story was picked up by other outlets, with some Democrats expressing delight at the prospect of ridding themselves of their troublesome Senator.

While acknowledging that he has discussed his concerns over the cost of this monstrous bill and his objection to the new rules proposed for the fossil fuel industry, Manchin tossed cold water on the Mother Jones report that he threatened to leave Democrat party, calling the unsubstantiated rumor “bullsh*t.”

But many believe he should seriously consider it. West Virginia is one of the most conservative states in the country. In 2020 Donald Trump won over 68 percent of the vote. Currently, Manchin is the only statewide Democrat to hold office in West Virginia, so switching parties would definitely be a boost to him back home.

Senator Lee argued that Manchin would be better served leaving the party that is belittling him while using intimidation tactics to try and get him to relent. Lee told Fox News that intimidation isn’t going to work on Joe Manchin who he said is representing the people of his state, including those poor and middle-class West Virginians who are hardest hit by the rising prices and inflation currently effecting our economy.

At the same time, if he abandoned the Democrat Party for the Republicans, Manchin would lose the significant influence he maintains over the Democrat caucus – the very influence that many Democrats have expressed frustration over. Manchin may prefer to stay the squeaky wheel who gets all the grease than switch to the Republican Party. Switching to an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats, however, would allow Manchin to remain the squeaky wheel.