Michigan University REINSTATES Racial Segregation For Far-Left Events

(PatrioticPost.com)- Racial segregation is back in America, and it’s being advocated by far-left Democrat voters…and universities. The University of Michigan-Dearborn hosted a series of events segregated along racial lines on Tuesday, offering whites-only events and separate events for everyone else.

The separate events were labeled “Non-POC” (people of color) and “BIPOC” (black, indigenous, and people of color) and advocated on the ground of racial justice, or something like that. Both events were described as “cafes” where people could come together to talk about their “experience as students on campus.”

On the university’s website, the whites-only event as described as a “space for students that do not identify as persons of color to gather and to discuss their experience as students on campus and as non-POC in the world.

The university, however, was forced to apologize when people from outside the far-let campus groups learned what was going on. All pages relating to the racially-segregated events have since been pulled from the university website, but archives still show precisely what was originally pitched by the far-left organizers of the event.

“Feel free to drop in and discuss your experiences as non-persons of color and hopefully brainstorm solutions to common issued within the non-POC community,” it said.

Imagine hating yourself that much that you would attend a whites-only event to talk about how evil you are, inherently, because you are white. And to sit there, with other white people, talking about what you can do to make life easier for non-white people who have never been victims of slavery or oppression.

The “BIPOC” café hosted on Tuesday was described as a “space for students from marginalized racial/ethnic/cultural communities to gather and to relate with one another and to discuss their experience as students on campus and as people of color in the world.”

Marginalized how, and by whom?

After conservative news outlet Breitbart reached out to the university for comment, a spokesperson said they regret the use of certain terms in the advertisement of the cafes.

“UM-Dearborn sincerely regrets the terms used to describe the “cafe” events held on September 8,” the spokesperson said. “The terms used to describe these virtual events and the descriptions themselves were not clear and not reflective of the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Okay, first off, note the use of “equity.” That’s not the same as equality, and the fact a university is advocating equity, which requires discrimination, proves they don’t actually care about stopping discrimination at all.

Secondly, they said the use of the terms were not clear, but in their statement, go on to explain precisely what happened.

“ The original intent was to provide students from marginalized communities a space that allowed for them to exist freely without having to normalize their lives and experiences, while also providing students that do not identify as persons of color the opportunity to deepen their understanding of race and racism without harming or relying on students of color to educate them,” the spokesperson said.

Which is exactly what everyone thought it was, meaning the terms were clear. And suggesting the university isn’t sorry at all, right?