Michigan Dems Want to REPLACE In-Person Voting with Fraud-Ridden Mail-In System

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Michigan Democrats have been in the news plenty recently, largely because of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s huge overreach in her imposition of one of the strictest lockdown measures in the country. Now, they’re hitting the news over their suggestion that in-person voting should be replaced entirely with mail-in ballots.

Democratic lawmakers in Michigan have officially put forward legislation that would completely replace regular voting with a mail-in ballot system that would be wide open to fraud.

State Senator Jeff Irwin filed legislation that would stop voters casting their votes at polling stations in their local precincts, and instead send ballots via mail to all registered voters.

“Under this system, every registered voter would be able to return their ballot through the mail or drop it off at a local, designated drop site, and all voting would be done via absentee ballots,” a statement from Irwin reads. “Same-day registration would be facilitated by requiring all clerks to remain open to accept voter registration forms and ballot returns.”

The mail-in system, or “cheat by mail” as many people call it, is known for being vulnerable to fraud. Already in the Democratic California primaries, officials confirmed that double voting took place and other instances of fraud are suspected to have happened during the vote.

In the United Kingdom, the long-established postal vote system raises eyebrows in every election as the left-wing Labour Party sweeps up a vast majority of votes cast through the system.

Voter rolls are a big sticking point in this debate, too. In Michigan, for instance, over 2,500 dead people remain on the voter rolls, meaning thousands of ballots could be sent to people who either don’t live in the state or are long-dead. If people fill in these ballots and send them off, electoral governance bodies may never know how many votes were fraudulent and who sent them. A lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found that Michigan’s electoral rolls are not being updated as often as is required by law.

The lawsuit also claims that the voter registration rate from 2016 is 106%, meaning more people exist on the roils than actually live in the state.

If this legislation passes, expect it to help Democrats more than Republicans…