Michelle Obama Claims Feminists Criticized Her Over Motherhood

(PatrioticPost.com)- This week, Michelle Obama discussed motherhood and parenting philosophy on Conan O’Brien’s podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

Obama recalled that after she referred to herself as the “Mom-in-Chief” following President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, “feminists” attacked her.

When people questioned her about her plans after moving into the White House, she said, “Well, my first focus is going to be “Mom-in-Chief.”

“And I received criticism from feminists about that,” she said

Some feminist journalists have criticized women who prioritize their families over their careers, saying that these women encourage men to be “more sexist.”

Although the former Harvard-educated lawyer acknowledged that she “knew how to be a professional,” she insisted that her children came first.

She said she is a professional “who knows how to work.” She knew, but she still believed it was essential to state, “I have to control what I can.”

Michelle said she gave birth to these two children. Before she can assist anyone, “I must first be a good mother to them.”

According to the former first lady, Gen Z was “paralyzed” by “worry” and wanted to address every issue they saw in the world, such as “climate change.”

She urged young people to exercise what power they had by casting ballots.

“We constantly turn greatness against good. We don’t even vote because we want to stop climate change so badly. We want a democracy, but we’re not interested in doing the one thing we can actually influence, which is to occasionally go to the polls and cast a few votes,” she said.

Obama discussed how she has learned to control her anxiety and be “comfortably afraid.” She described fear as a “necessary” emotion that, if it stunts growth, can be “dangerous.”

She claimed that “helicopter” parents who tried to shield their children from feeling this emotion weren’t doing them any favors.

Obama said sometimes, as parents, we prevent those emotions from happening because we simply don’t want our children to experience any failure. And the unfortunate thing is that your child will be 30 years old when they experience anxiety for the first time. They have left your home. “And you don’t want your child to be practicing learning how to manage their anxiety when they’re in their thirties, in their twenties, or after they finish college,” said Obama.