Michael Moore Imagines Movie Where “Heroes” Murder Cops

(PatrioticPost.com)- Michael Moore, the internationally famous left-wing documentary maker, publicly pitched a new movie that involves “heroes” who kill “murderous cops.” Moore’s disturbing comments come at a time when left-wing rioters are out on the streets every night, burning down the black business district in Kenosha, firebombing federal courthouses, and permanently blinding police officers with strong lasers.

Moore pitched the movie idea to more than 6 million followers on Twitter on Tuesday, suggesting the audience would love to see a new move in which police offers are murdered by vigilantes.

What is wrong with this man?

“If this were a movie, heroes would swoop in & kill the murderous cops,” he said, in reference to the ongoing riots and the so-called “racist” shootings of black men by police officers.

“The audience would cheer. Loud!” he added.

This is a man who seems to think he knows what working-class people are thinking. Don’t forget that faux pas he made back in 2016 when he explained why working-class people turned to Donald Trump so accurately that people thought he was endorsing Trump…only for him to go ahead and trash the president and the people who voted for him.

In another disturbing tweet, the left-wing documentary maker published footage of the Jacob Blake shooting which does not show a racist attack. At least, there is no evidence to suggest it was. The footage shows a man – Blake – resisting arrest and leaning into a vehicle to grab something. Eyewitnesses said that officers repeatedly told Blake to “drop the knife” but he refused to cooperate.

Despite this, Moore published the video suggesting it was a racist murder and called on black American to “defend” themselves with guns.

Then he said white America should “seek redemption before it’s too late!”

Is Michael Moore telling white people to expect justified violence?