Michael Jackson Had 19 Fake IDs, Investigators Find

(PatrioticPost.com)- Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former physician, said that the late pop sensation had 19 phony identity cards to finance his drug addiction.

Jackson died in June 2009 from cardiac arrest caused by the drug propofol, which Murray allegedly supplied to him. Murray received a four-year jail term after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death.

According to reports, Murray spoke to TMZ for the upcoming series, “TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson.” Murray claimed Michael Jackson had a drug problem. He explained that Jackson exploited him because he was a master of manipulation. He claimed he never enabled Jackson with his addiction. He said he was very attached to Michael, and he loved him.

Los Angeles Police Department Det. Orlando Martinez explained that circumstances had been building up to Michael Jackson’s death. All of these different medical professionals had allowed Michael to dictate his terms, get the medicines he wanted when he wanted them, and where he wanted them. Martinez believes they’re all to blame for his death.

Reports show that Michael Jackson had taken propofol in Gatorade-sized bottles as a homemade sleep drug. According to a medical doctor and addiction expert, Dr. Drew Pinsky, he had also been inhaling 300 milligrams of Demerol at a time and a variety of other narcotics for a long time.

According to a report, famed Hollywood dermatologist Arnold Klein, who died in 2015, appears to have financed a substantial chunk of Jackson’s later drug addiction. Klein was infamous for being unethical in his attempts to draw Hollywood superstars into his offices, according to a claim by Debbie Rowe, Klein’s assistant, and Jackson’s ex-wife. The report claims Klein allegedly stored a trove of forged paperwork on Jackson, aiding in concealing the 19 false identities he used to distribute prescription medicines to Jackson.

Jackson’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Harry Glassman, claimed that ‘doctor shopping’ was how Michael obtained all of these medicines. He had various physicians he would ask for similar drugs.

“TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson” premieres on Fox on Sept. 6. You can watch the full clip at the link above.