MI5 Report Confirms Chinese Spy “Active” in U.K. Government As China Continues To Influence World Governments

(PatrioticPost.com)- MI5, the British Security Service and the equivalent of America’s National Security Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, recently warned that a suspected Chinese spy has been active in the British parliament and influencing policy.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former leader of Britain’s Conservative Party and a member of Parliament, recently told the House of Commons that the Speaker of the House was recently contacted by MI5 and had warned members of Parliament that there was an “agent of the Chinese government” active in Parliament and working with a Member of Parliament, attempting to subvert the democratic processes in the UK.

A notice issued by MI5 described how Christine Lee, a suspected Chinese agent, had “knowingly engaged in political interference on behalf of the United From Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party.”

This sounds an awful lot like the Fang Fang scandal. Remember that story? It involved far-left Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who allegedly had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang, or “Christine Fang.”

It’s also a little funny that both spies are called “Christine.”

MI5 said that the suspected Chinese spy is believed to be affiliated with the China Overseas Friendship Associations ad well as the British-Chinese Project. She is also a donor for Labour Party Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner. The Labour Party is the equivalent of America’s Democratic Party in the sense that it is the leading left-wing party that realistically has a chance of forming a government.

Lee’s son had previously volunteered for the left-wing politician’s office in Brent North for several years, and MI5 officers said that Lee is “judged to be involved in political interference activities in the UK.” She is also said to have engaged in facilitating donations to political parties, members of Parliament, and prospective members of Parliament looking to win political office in the UK.

Incredibly, Lee was even previously congratulated by former British Prime Minister Theresa May, who gave her a “Points of Light” award for volunteering and promoting cooperation between China and the United Kingdom.

With Chinese spies embedded in the governments of Western democracies, now is the time for the West to take action against the Chinese Communist Party…but will they have the guts?

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