Memorial Honoring Kabul Fallen Vandalized As Political Tensions Mount

( The Riverside Police Department in southern California is looking for individuals who destroyed a number of American flags and a Marine Corps flag that were set up as part of a make-shift memorial honoring the thirteen US service members killed in the terrorist attack outside of Kabul airport.

The memorial was set up along the Ivy Street overpass to the 91 Freeway in Riverside in southern California. The memorial featured one American flag for each of the thirteen killed in Kabul along with the flag of the US Marine Corps.

A resident spotted the vandalized flags on Monday and contacted the police. Photos of the vandalized memorial, initially shared on the “What is Going on in Riverside County” Facebook page were then posted to the Riverside Police Department’s Facebook page.

The photos showed that a number of the 13 flags, which were draped from the chain link of the overpass, were torn completely in half.

In their Facebook post, the Riverside Police reported that two citizens helped them remove the damaged flags which were then turned over to the local Boy Scout troop for “proper retirement.”

Three of the Marines killed in the Kabul attack were from southern California.

While Riverside police have no description of the suspect or suspects, they say that there was no doubt that the vandalism was intentional.

Just a few hours after the Police posted about the vandalism, members of the Riverside community were already on the overpass replacing the damaged flags.

The deadly suicide bombing outside of the Kabul airport killed over 160 Afghans as well as the thirteen American service members who had been providing security at the airport gate.

Of the thirteen, eleven served in the US Marine Corps, one was a Navy corpsman and one an Army soldier. Another eighteen US service members were wounded in the Kabul attack.

Nine of the Marines as well as the Navy corpsman were based out of California’s Camp Pendleton.