Mel Gibson Slams Woke Catholic Leaders In Public Statement

( Over the weekend, a rally was held in Rockford, Illinois organized by the Coalition for Canceled Priests. This organization which promotes the Catholic Church’s traditional teachings held the event to kick off what it calls “40 Weeks for Priests” — a campaign defending the church and priests through prayer and fasting.

Appearing via a prerecorded video message was Hollywood actor/director, and devout Roman Catholic, Mel Gibson. In his video appearance, Gibson called himself a “voice crying out from the wilderness of Malibu.”

He expressed disbelief that cancel culture is now coming for priests, though admitted that he has known many priests who have been canceled. But these priests, Gibson explained, were not canceled for committing a crime. Instead, they are being persecuted by their own bishops for daring to “utter something that resembles orthodoxy.”

For holding traditional Catholic teachings, Gibson explained, these priests are reprimanded, bullied and canceled by their bishops.

Calling the practice a “grave injustice” and “a kind of white martyrdom,” Gibson admitted that he himself was shunned by bishops when he was promoting his film “The Passion of the Christ.” He described how they would turn their backs on him and “couldn’t get away from me fast enough.” But, Gibson added, it told him a lot about who they were – “a pretty insipid bunch.”

Gibson also criticized the reforms of Vatican II which sought to address the relations between the Catholic Church and the modern world, saying that there was nothing wrong with the relations and “it didn’t need to be fixed.”

In his message, Gibson announced that he would making a donation to the Coalition for Canceled Priests, and he echoed the belief that there exists within the Catholic Church a parallel counterfeit church seeking to eclipse the real one.

Watch Gibson’s video message:

According to the Coalition for Canceled Priests’ website, “an aberrant, non-Catholic element” has cropped up within the priesthood and Church hierarchy. This element, they explain, is unwilling to resist the secular corruptions the Catholic Church has long condemned — and at times this element even shows a desire to celebrate them.