Meghan Markle To Get Mass Payout Over Daily Mail Story

( The owners of The Mail On Sunday and MailOnline, a British newspaper and media website, have agreed to a financial settlement that will be paid to disgraced British royal and actress Meghan Markle in a copyright case that she recently won.

Associated Newspapers has agreed to pay the Duchess of Sussex an undisclosed sum for “financial remedies” after the publishers lost a court case over the famous handwritten letter that she wrote to her father and which was published by the outlet. The five-page letter was published in an article on both the MailOnline website and in the Mail On Sunday in February of 2019. It was written by Markle in August 2018.

In a London High Court of Justice court case, lawyers representing Markle said that publishing the letter was an infringement of her copyright – even though the letter was freely sent to her father and not in her possession when it was published. Associated Newspapers appealed the case on the grounds that it should have gone to trial after Markle first won via summary judgment, but a later full judgment determined that Markle technically had a “reasonable expectation” that the contents of the letter would have remained private.

In his ruling, Judge Lord Justice Warby insisted that The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline both publish a statement about the result, which they did on Christmas Day.

Admittedly, there’s something funny about the outlets publishing their statement on a day that most people aren’t reading the news. In the statement, the outlet said that “financial remedies have been agreed.”