Media Targets Justice Clarence Thomas With Slander

( The American corporate news media has been trying to make the case that President Biden’s radical left Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is well within the mainstream.

She’s a “moderate,” you know. Just like Joe Biden.

One of the ways the media is spinning this tall tale is by claiming Jackson is more in line with the mainstream than Justice Clarence Thomas, whom the media claims is out of step with the views of black Americans.

ABC News recently claimed that Judge Jackson has a similar background and upbringing as Justice Thomas. In its story, ABC makes the false claim that Justice Thomas, like Jackson, was raised in a middle- or working-class black family in the south and attended predominantly white schools.

This is a lie.

Clarence Thomas was born in the segregated South in abject poverty. He lived in a shanty in Pin Point, Georgia that had no indoor bathroom. His father left when Thomas was two and his mother, who never finished high school, was already shucking oysters at the age of nine to earn 5 cents a pound. Later, Thomas’ mother worked as a maid.

At the age of seven, Clarence Thomas went to live with his grandparents. His grandfather left school in the third grade and his grandmother only had a sixth-grade education.

Even ABC’s claim that Thomas attended predominately white schools is a lie. Until his sophomore year, Clarence Thomas attended segregated schools.

Then there’s Ketanji Brown Jackson.

She was born in Washington DC in 1970 and raised in Miami, Florida. She never went to segregated schools and never lived under state-enforced segregation laws. Unlike Clarence Thomas, both of her parents were college-educated. Her father had a law degree and became the chief attorney for a school board and her mother was a teacher and school principal.

Yeah, totally similar backgrounds. Great work, ABC News.

ABC News also peddled the lie that, unlike Ketanji Brown Jackson, Clarence Thomas’ views are largely out of step with black Americans.

Like Clarence Thomas, 62 percent of blacks oppose affirmative action in college admission. Likewise, only 24 percent of blacks support abortion on demand under any circumstances. Blacks support school choice by a staggering 81 percent. And 69 percent of blacks support voter ID laws.

In reality, it is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who is out of step with the majority of black Americans.