Media Freaks Out Despite Doctors Confirming Trump “Doing Very Well”

( Doctors at the Walter Reed Medical Center confirmed during a press conference on Saturday that President Donald Trump is “doing very well” and his symptoms are already beginning to clear. It comes after the president tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus during the early hours of October 2, and was admitted to the hospital for care.

President Donald Trump’s mild symptoms are already reportedly disappearing, and the experimental treatment he received appears to be working.

“This morning the president is doing very well,” Doctor Sean Conley said.

Conley, who is the president’s doctor, even said that the president has been free of fever for the last 24 hours and that he is doing plenty of work while in the hospital.

One of the reasons why the president was moved to the hospital was not just because it makes administering treatment easier, but because there are facilities that allow him to live and perform his duties as president without putting other people at risk of catching the virus.

Conley did not offer a specific date for when the president would be discharged, but he did confirm that the president could breathe by himself and was not receiving additional oxygen. He added that he was “extremely happy with the progress the president has made.”

Conley refused to answer specifically whether the president had ever received additional oxygen. It immediately prompted a meltdown by the left-wing press, with the far-left New York Times reporting that two people close to the White House claimed that the president had trouble breathing on Friday and was administered supplemental oxygen at the White House on Friday before he left to go to the hospital.

Despite this, the president has not received additional oxygen while in the hospital and still does not require it.

President Trump also tweeted from the hospital, telling his followers that it was “going well.”

“Thank you to all. LOVE!!!” he added.