McDonald’s CEO Sends Warning To Chicago Mayor About Crime

( McDonald’s CEO warns Chicago Mayor Lightfoot that the burger chain’s corporate staff is too afraid to return to its headquarters due to rising violence in the city.

Reports show that in a warning to Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, McDonald’s CEO spoke about crime in Chicago, claiming that it stops employees from returning to the fast food giant’s headquarters.

Chris Kempczinski spoke last Wednesday at the Economic Club of Chicago, saying that the violence has challenged convincing staff to return. He remarked that there was a widespread belief that the city was in serious trouble.

According to local figures, crime is up 37% from 2021. Murders and shootings are up by double digits, while thefts are up by a startling 64 percent.

Media reports show although Kempczinki calls Chicago home and intends to stay, this isn’t the first time he’s chimed in on the city’s crime problem.

Kempczinski told the media that he promised to maintain the golden arches in Chicago and establish an innovation center. He explained that the public witnesses what’s happening in his restaurants and society. McDonald’s will not be able to tackle the problem alone.

The corporation estimates that it has a $2 billion impact on Cook County, which includes Chicago.

McDonald’s has had difficulties as a result of the inflationary period. Price increases have had an impact on US demand. As a result, the company’s sales in the second quarter fell short of projections. The number of customers per transaction has decreased since the pandemic’s peak.

Reports show year-over-year pricing hikes in the 8% to 9% range in the United States are expected to continue through the rest of the year as McDonald’s adjusts for increasing costs.

Kempczinski anticipates tremendous obstacles in 2023, stating that the United States is on the verge of a modest recession.

Meanwhile, Citadel Securities, Boeing, and Caterpillar are just a few of the companies leaving Chicago.

Who can blame them?