McCarthy Ally Works To End ‘Games’ Threatening GOP Leader

A Republican supporting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA has announced plans to introduce a vote of no confidence to stop what he called “the games” that have been played with McCarthy’s position.

A report showed that Louisiana Republican Representative Garret Graves said he was considering bringing forth a motion to vacate this week in an attempt to force McCarthy’s GOP critics to vote on whether or not to remove him as speaker.

There has been discussion of challenging McCarthy’s position as speaker as Congress struggles with a dispute over budget for federal agencies, which may lead to a government closure at the conclusion of the month if a resolution is not reached.

McCarthy might face a move to resign from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) if he fails to abide by the terms of the agreement they struck in January that ultimately elected him Speaker after fifteen rounds of voting. Gaetz said that the conditions called for spending pledges, term limitations, and the release of the January 6 recordings.

Gaetz has made it clear how much he disapproves of McCarthy.

On social media, he continued to criticize McCarthy ahead of a possible government shutdown on September 30.

He wrote that on spending issues, McCarthy deliberately pushed them up against the wall before he sent everyone home at 3 o’clock on a Thursday.

Gaetz chided McCarthy, saying they don’t operate on a French work schedule and that they should question his leadership after they solve the government financing situation.

Gaetz said he served notice to the Speaker that he was out of accordance with the arrangement that permitted him to take the job.

During an interview on Sunday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would not rule out assisting Republican Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in his efforts to oust Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his position as House Minority Leader.

Margaret Brennan, host of CBS News’ Face the Nation, asked Cortez whether she would support a motion to have Gaetz throw McCarthy out of leadership.

Cortez said they would have to figure out when the time comes and that Speaker McCarthy has been extremely weak.