“Mayor Pete” Isn’t Happy That People Think Trump Motivated His Visit To Ohio 

(PatrioticPost.com)- Claims that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg went to the scene of the hazardous train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, just because former President Donald Trump had already done so seemed to trigger an emotional response from Buttigieg. 

Although Buttigieg and CNN senior correspondent Edward-Isaac Dovere discussed many issues during their interview, the East Palestine derailment continues to get the most attention. 

While Buttigieg conceded that he should have visited the site of the derailment and subsequent massive crash, toxic chemical spill, and failed attempt at a controlled burn much sooner than he did (weeks after the initial crash), he vigorously refuted the notion that he was pressured into making an appearance after Trump arrived with trucks containing clean drinking water and other supplies. 

That’s a load of bulls***,” Buttigieg said. We were set to go anyhow.” 

Buttigieg remarked that it was “somewhat maddening” to see Trump there and then bleated the debunked claim about Trump being responsible for the derailment. 

Pete indicated that witnessing someone who gutted not just rail safety regulation but the EPA, which is the agency helping that community and assuring accountability for Norfolk Southern, was tough to take, especially when he handed out campaign swag. 

On Sunday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded angrily to Republican criticism of his handling of the February hazardous train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. 

Several supporters of the Biden administration have pointed out that transportation secretaries seldom attend railway derailments. 

Nonetheless, Republicans have maintained their scrutiny despite previous criticism of the secretary’s handling of crises like Southwest’s aircraft meltdowns over the Christmas. 

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has called Buttigieg “flamboyantly inept to the point of evil,” while Donald Trump Jr. said that Buttigieg was only chosen for the position because he was “that homosexual guy.” 

Democratic supporters of Buttigieg say the charges are unfounded and that he could have made the trip sooner if he wanted to.