Maxine Waters Funneled Campaign Money To Her Daughter

( According to figures from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Democratic Representative for California Maxine Waters paid her daughter more than $15,000 using campaign funds during the most recent quarter.

The most recent documents kept by the FEC show Waters continued to make payments to her daughter Karen Waters amounting to a total of $16,500 for the second quarter, which ran from April 1 through June 30. The 15th of July marked the day when the records were made accessible.

In the documents maintained by the FEC, the objective of the payments is referred to as the “Slate Mailer Management Fee.”

Since the beginning of her campaign, Waters has been using money from her campaign to support her daughter financially. The fact that Waters had been paying her daughter more than one hundred thousand dollars in campaign cash throughout that election cycle was first reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation in 2018.

Democratic Connecticut Representative Jahana Hayes was also discovered to have paid her family tens of thousands of dollars since entering Congress. The Daily Caller discovered this after reviewing records from the Federal Election Commission.

During the second quarter of 2022, Hayes used money from her campaign fund to make a payment to her son, David Crenshaw, in the amount of $1,245.65. Since serving in Congress, she has provided her son with more than $18,000 in financial support.

Because of the regulations that govern Congress, it is difficult to employ family members as full-time personnel. However, the Federal Election Commission allows campaigns to pay wages to candidates’ relatives so long as the payments represent “fair market value” for “bona fide services.” This is one of the few exceptions to the rule that the FEC has made. There is room for interpretation within each of those meanings. Personal use rules also permit candidates to reimburse themselves or their families from their campaign committees for any expenses incurred as part of the campaigning process that would not have been incurred in any other context.

These expenses include those that would not have been incurred in the absence of the campaign.