Matt Walsh On “Deepfake” Controversy: “This Is War For Our Children”

( After a podcast on Valentine’s Day in which he called transgender TikTok “star” Dylan Mulvaney a concocted human deep fake, Matt Walsh has released a straightforward final salvo to his detractors, whom he claims, have spent too much time lecturing him about being “too mean.” 

Defending his choice of words, Walsh said that Mulvaney, who became a viral sensation thanks to the series 100 Days of Girlhood on TikTok, is going about like some cartoon of a lady throwing out tampons in the women’s room and meeting with the President to defend the mutilation of children. 

Walsh labels Mulvaney as adversarial, claiming the influential figure openly and passionately advocates for the abuse of children, the battle against fundamental truth, and the downfall of human civilization as we know it. 

Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster were among those most vocally critical of Walsh’s language, arguing on their YouTube channel (Triggernometry) that such angry rhetoric is not going to win over hearts and minds and suggesting that Walsh was simply giving his audience what they want, to gain “clicks.” 

Walsh said his aim is not to win over the opposing side but to destroy them since they are not interested in compromise. He said they would accept nothing less than complete submission from you, so we need to match their intensity, or we’ll lose. 

Kisin and Foster urge people to adopt more respectful and less aggressive language in the ongoing cultural war. 

Walsh thinks they are delusional if they believe being cordial will have any impact on the current war. We have to force the concept of shame back into their minds. Walsh said, “This is a fight for our children.” 

He said more parents than he can count had told him of the same terrifying experience. Out of the blue, a sweet, innocent youngster is dragged into the gender cult and is eaten by it. 

Walsh said seeing your kid suffer like that is worse than them dying. “I would sooner die than have that happen to my kids,” Walsh said.