Maskless People Kicked Out Of School Board Meeting

( Last week a packed crowd of parents attended the Williamson County School Board meeting in Franklin, Tennessee to object to the proposed implementation of a mask mandate in schools. Among those attending the meeting were sports commentator Clay Travis and the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh who both delivered powerful speeches in opposition to forcing children to wear masks in school.

Travis laid out the case that children are more likely to get struck by lightning than die of COVID-19. He pointed out to the board that, despite the seasonal flu being more dangerous to children than COVID, the board has never required children to mask up during flu season.

Matt Walsh demanded that the board present evidence supporting a mask requirement. Like Travis, Walsh cited the low risk for COVID among children and argued that forcing them to wear masks all day every day is a form of child abuse.

Many among the crowd, including Travis and Walsh were not wearing masks, defying an order by Nashville’s Democrat Mayor John Cooper. About an hour into the meeting, school board chair Christiane Buggs reminded the crowd that masks are required within government buildings. Most of the unmasked people remained unmasked, so Buggs repeated her comment. One audience member began changing “we don’t care,” so Buggs ordered everyone to leave the room and said only those wearing masks would be allowed to return.

After the room was cleared, Matt Walsh tweeted that since he would not wear a mask, he will not be returning to the meeting.

In the end, the board voted to impose a “universal mask policy” both indoors and on school buses. Their resolution added that the board would reassess the policy with the guidance of the Health Department after the government-imposed mask mandate ends (if it ever ends).

And after the meeting ended, the angry parents waiting outside confronted “medical professionals” who had testified in favor of masking. One parent told them “We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you.”