Mary Trump Falsely Claims Trump Gave Poisoned Water To Ohio Residents 

( Former president Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, claimed that her famous uncle “handed out poisoned water” during a visit to East Palestine, Ohio, even though he didn’t. 

Trump spent his Tuesday in East Palestine, Ohio, talking to the residents, buying them McDonald’s, and donating water in response to the ecological disaster caused by the train derailment on February 3.  

Many of Trump’s critics blame him for the disaster because he weakened regulations on rail safety while in office, a laughably off-the-mark claim because the deregulations had little to do with an axle fire. And besides that point, if the deregulation was so egregious, why didn’t the Biden administration reinstate the regulation? 

Mary Trump, who despises her uncle, believes the contrast between Biden and Trump could not be more obvious, implying that Biden is a great president, whereas Trump was not.  

It’s rare to see a Trump with Trump Derangement Syndrome, but she put it on full display when she echoed misinformation that the bottled water he handed out in East Palestine was expired and possibly dangerous. She blathered her contention on her podcast. 

She idiotically said he was directly responsible for the derailment and handed out “poisoned” water.      

She said he handed out water that was ten years old in a plastic bottle, and that is probably not something you want to be drinking. 

False allegations that the water was Trump’s long-discontinued retail brand were debunked by fact-checking by many media outlets.  

Reuters said that people on the internet seem to be talking about Trump’s Ice spring water, which was supposedly taken off the market in 2010. The Trump Museum even had a water bottle labeled “Trump Ice” on display in 2016. Compared to the bottles Trump donated in Ohio, they have a different branding. 

Trump Ice has been renamed as Trump Natural Spring Water, and that is what he handed out. 

Mary Trump is drinking the Kool-Aid.