Marco Rubio Threatens To Keep Guns Away From Innocent People

( Republican Senator Marco Rubio made the bizarre decision to reintroduce a bill last week that would stop innocent Americans from being able to legally obtain a gun. The bull would also strengthen the federal government’s ability to determine who can and cannot exercise their Second Amendment right.

The “Terror Intelligence Improvement Act” is a piece of proposed legislation that would give law enforcement agencies new authority to prevent “suspected terrorists” from exercising their Second Amendment and due process rights. The legislation, while pitched as a measure to stop potentially dangerous people from committing acts of terror, would actually allow the federal government to either delay or limit an American citizens’ attempted firearm purchase if they have been the subject of any kind of federal terrorism investigation within the last decade.

To be clear: it isn’t aimed at people who are convicted of terrorism or understood to have been engaged in terrorist activities. Instead, the legislation would stop people who have been investigated over these matters from legally obtaining a gun.

It presents a whole set of problems for both law enforcement and innocent Americans who were subject to wrongful investigations through no fault of their own.

“After the terrorist attack at Pulse nightclub, I made a promise to improve our laws to make it more difficult for evil people to get ahold of guns,” Rubio said in a statement. “The bill is a common-sense measure that would help ensure criminals, terrorists, and others seeking to take innocent lives are not able to acquire firearms, while also protecting the due process and Second Amendment rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans.”

Reintroducing the bill just after the Democrats take control of all three chambers of government means that it is more likely that it will be passed – but the fact that the Democrats are in charge presents even more problems in relation to this bill.

For instance, the White House is already in the process of performing a full assessment of what they consider “domestic terrorists,” following the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. The end result could be multiple right-leaning or Trump-supporting organizations either being designated terrorist organizations, or individuals involved with those organizations being investigated over “terror” links.

Has Marco Rubio thought this one through?

Under the proposed legislation, individuals do not have to be guilty in order for the FBI to be alerted when they attempt to purchase a gun. The United States Attorney General will also be notified and be given the power to stall the process for as long as ten business days or file an emergency petition that would stop the sale of the gun until the issue can be ruled on in court.

Last time Rubio tried to pass the legislation was in 2016, but it never gained traction with Republicans or Democrats. But in 2021, the landscape is very different, and Rubio could be about to help the Democrats pass new anti-Second Amendment legislation.