Marco Rubio Says China Is Waiting For Biden To Beg For More Oil

( During the Monday edition of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) stated that China, which has a large refining capacity, is waiting for President Joe Biden “to go to them and beg them to process more and refine more oil so that we can have more gasoline.”

According to Senator Rubio, Saudi Arabia does not have a limitless capacity for production. He estimates that their daily show is at around 10.5 million barrels. That’s not the solution to our problem.

One to a half million barrels of oil per day might be produced in the United States alone. Oil is only one component of the problem. You don’t put oil in your automobile; you add gasoline. These refineries have been shut down since the current administration said it doesn’t want more fossil fuels.

Who will put additional money into a sector that the president and his party are actively working to eliminate as a viable economic option?

Do you know who now possesses the most underutilized refining capacity in the world? The refinery with the most latent potential?

As we were reducing the number of refineries in operation, China is increasing the size of theirs. They are currently rubbing their hands together and waiting for President Biden to go to them and urge them to process more and refine more oil so that we may have more fuel. They are in the catbird seat.

While a presidential candidate, Trump said during a May 2016 speech that under his presidency, he would accomplish complete American energy independence.

“Complete. Complete,” he reiterated.

According to Politifact, we never achieved “complete” energy independence under Trump, but his words are a far cry from the words used by the Biden administration.

Biden vowed to end fossil fuel use. Trump promised to make us energy independent.

Which statement would cause our oil companies to back off exploration and ramp up refineries?

Which would cause us to pay 5 dollars per gallon gas prices?