Man Starts Yelling At Ted Cruz For Supporting Trump

( Last week during the Texas Republican Party’s convention, Senator Ted Cruz was confronted by social media provocateur, BlazeTV contributor Alex Stein.

In his confrontation with “Cancun Cruz,” Stein accused the Texas Senator of being a globalist for caring more about Ukraine than he does the United States. Stein called Cruz out for becoming “best friends with Trump” despite Trump making fun of Cruz’s wife.

Stein called Cruz a “coward” and accused him of caring more about Ukraine’s border with Russia than the southern border.

Security finally stepped in and pulled Stein away as he continued to hurl insults at the Senator, calling him out for his trip to Cancun when “people were freezing and dying.”

Senator Cruz isn’t the only Republican the video troll targeted last week.

Stein had also caused a stir after confronting Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw during the same event, slamming him as “Eyepatch McCain” and accusing him of being a globalist.