Man Shot Dead In NYC While Walking Dog Amid Huge Crime Surge

( A man was shot dead in Brooklyn, New York City, on Monday morning as he walked his dog. The tragic news comes as the Big Apple experiences the biggest crime surge in decades following Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to defund the New York Police Department by $1 billion and wipe out of the plain-clothed officers division that largely focused on tackling gun crime.

62-year-old Michael Scully was walking his dog on Monday morning on a street near Seventh Avenue in Bay Ridge, south Brooklyn. Police reported that Scully had a brief interaction and argument with the killer on the street before he was shot at point blank range.

Scully was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead when he arrived.

The local community was shocked by the news, as Bay Ridge is one of the wealthier regions of Brooklyn typically not known for this kind of crime. Local neighbors and members of the community said that Scully was well-loved and popular.

A childhood friend of Scully, Danny Barreto, said to CBS New York that he was a “God-fearing man” and a “staple of this community.”

“I just wish the world had more Mike Scullys because they deserve people like him around here who take care of the community,” he added. “He had no boundaries on taking care of people, and for somebody to shoot him for no apparent reason, it’s insane.”

New York City’s gun crime in particular has surged. Recent crime figures showed that shootings in the city have more than doubled in August 2020 compared to the same month last year. On the same day that Scully was killed, eight shootings with eight different victims were reported across the city. It’s the 14th consecutive week of increasing violence n the city, with data showing 1,288 people being shot in 1,054 shooting incidents over the summer.

Democratic state Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus said it was “unfortunate” that they had another violent weekend in NYC in the run-up to Labor Day, and that she was “shocked and angry” about the situation.

Frontus promised to share more information as she receives it, and advocated for stricter gun control laws in the city.

You know, the city where it’s basically already illegal for anyone to have a gun anyway…