Man Says “Proud Boys or KKK” Shot Him Near CHAZ

( A man who was shot just outside the far-left “occupied protest” in Seattle is claiming the culprits were actually…the “Proud Boys or KKK.” DeJuan Young, a 33-year-old African American, was shot just outside the concrete boundaries of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Young was shot over the weekend after trying to run away from the sound of gunshots.

Young escaped, but one teenager died during the shootings.

The story finally forced Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan to reverse course and announce she would be announcing plans next week to dismantle the “occupied protest,” but the story just get even wilder. Young is claiming that either the Proud Boys or the KK were the ones who shot him.

According to local Seattle media outlet KIRO 7, Young said he first heard the sound of gunshots and tried to escape CHAZ and head back to his house. He claimed that four men then approached him, before using a racial slur and then shooting him. Young believes that it was racially motivated, and he thinks he knows who is responsible.

“So basically I was shot by, I’m not sure if they’re Proud Boys or KKK,” he said. “But the verbiage that they said was hold this [n-word] and then shot me.”

Young didn’t explain whether the men grappled with him or whether it was the force of the gunshots that then “pushed him onto the hood of the car.”

Young said that the assailants then stood over him as he was on the car hood, and continued to fire shots at him. They allegedly shot him at point-blank range, but didn’t manage to fatally wound him.

“I tried to protect myself and got shot in the arm. And they got away.”

Young was then sent to the Harborview Medical Center, courtesy of local volunteers, and he continues to be treated for his non-fatal injuries. In videos uploaded from Young’s hospital bed to his TikTok account, Young claims he was shot “five times in the stomach.”

Now, Young wants to sue the local police department for not being able to respond fast enough.

That’s the same police department that the CHAZ protest wants to be defunded.

Police investigations are underway to determine what happened.