Man Jailed for Drugging Daughter and Friends With Sleep Medication

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A dad from Oregon confessed to a particularly heinous crime and received a two-year jail term, which was less than the amount that the girls and their families had hoped for. 

According to a county spokeswoman on Wednesday, Michael Meyden, a resident of Lake Oswego, Oregon, pled guilty on Monday in Clackamas County Circuit Court to three charges of inciting another person to swallow a dangerous drug. Three years of post-release monitoring will also be imposed on Meyden.

The father from Oregon received prison for giving his daughter and her friends sleeping pills in fruit smoothies.

After pleading guilty to three felony charges, 57-year-old Michael Meyden of Lake Oswego, a Portland suburb, apologized at his sentencing on Monday.

He told the court that he was devastated and his whole life was destroyed, and everything important to him up until that point in his life is gone.

His daughter and her three 12-year-old pals were looking forward to a fun overnighter last summer, but despite the father’s best efforts, they didn’t all wind up in bed by 11 o’clock. According to Meyden, he wanted them to be well-rested for the next day, but he also wanted them to go to bed so he could get some sleep.

The police said that Meyden put a sleeping pill in fruit smoothies. After downing the smoothies, two of the pals ultimately fell asleep. A third girl did not drink the smoothie and noticed that Meyden had returned to check on the girls. She saw him shift their bodies from side to side and placed his finger beneath their noses.

She texted a friend. That girl roused her parents, who in turn alerted the families of the other girls.

Benzodiazepine (anxiety and insomnia medication) test results were positive at a nearby hospital. Additionally, Meyden’s daughter tested positive, according to the prosecution.

During the sentence, one of the girls’ moms told Meyden that no respectable parent feels the need to drug their kid and her friends. Making sure a child is unconscious is something no good parent should feel obligated to do. Without evil motives, no moral parent would ever touch a drugged and unconscious girl.