Man Gives Father His Blood To Improve Longevity

Bryan Johnson, a millionaire biohacker, is taking precautions to ensure that he will have companions when he outlasts everyone else.

Reports show the 46-year-old internet entrepreneur from California has been very public about his quest to live forever. He recently claimed that his father’s aging rate was by a quarter century when he got 34 fl oz of his “super blood” via transfusions.

In an explanation on the X platform, Johnson said with pride that he was his dad’s ‘blood boy.’

Johnson’s online payment platform, Braintree, generated roughly $5 million in sales, making him a multimillionaire.

In 2012, earnings increased with Braintree’s $26 million purchase of Venmo, which, the following year, had been purchased out by PayPal for $800 million.

The internet entrepreneur did note that he has only provided blood to his dad, so caution is required given that the blood transfer hasn’t been thoroughly evaluated.

He made careful to emphasize the reasons why it’s not a guaranteed method to slow aging in everybody just yet, such as the fact that just one biomarker is being assessed (though he didn’t say which one).

There is an unresolved issue about how long his Dad’s slowed pace of aging will last. He noted six months have passed thus far.

A report shows that in May, Johnson, his father Richard, plus his son Talamage each had a liter of their blood extracted for the transfusion. Richard received plasma from Johnson, while Johnson received plasma from Talmage.

Johnson subsequently said that he did not benefit from the blood exchange with his son and wouldn’t repeat the procedure.

According to Johnson, young plasma exchange might have positive effects on physiologically older people or circumstances. It doesn’t add value to his current initiatives in his situation. Since 2020, when he began his search for youth, the billionaire is said to have spent $6 million.

His $2 million-a-year regimen involves sharing blood, taking 80 minerals and vitamins daily, and consuming 70 pounds of pureed greens monthly.

Johnson claims to have established a business to enhance the availability and accuracy of cutting-edge brain scans for early illness detection.