Man Fakes “Southern Accent” In Threat To Eric Swalwell

( The Democratic Representative from California, Eric Swalwell, also known as the man who slept with a Chinese spy and who farted on live television, released a recording last week, alleging that he received a death threat from a man in a southern accent. He then blamed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for the phone call.

Swalwell had sexual relations with a spy and then denied ever having been compromised in typical Democratic fashion. Remember Bill Clinton’s, “I did not have sex with that woman”? Yeah, it went something like that.

Swalwell reportedly had relations with the Chinese national, named Fang Fang, after a classified report from the Intel Community documented the relationship. Concerns arose over the relationship because Swalwell served, and still serves, on the House Intelligence Committee, but Democrats continue to claim that he is not compromised.

The exchange between Swalwell and Greene began on Twitter, when the Democrat recounted an alleged story where he was giving a tour of the Capitol when a father called him out, telling his son that Swalwell was “trouble” because he doesn’t support Trump. The representative than said that he felt bad for the boy because he was “being raised in a cult.”

Greene denied the veracity of the story, adding that any Trump-supporting father would instead say “that’s the Democrat who had sex with a Chinese spy.”

Swalwell clearly didn’t like that comment very much because just two hours later, he responded with a recording of a man in a southern accent threatening him and his kids. Marjorie loves to play the victim,” he wrote. “But she’s an inciter of violence. Her constant attacks—even after the FBI said I was never suspected of wrongdoing—lead to threatening calls like this.” (Notice the key word: suspected).

The tweet was attached with a questionable recording of a man threatening the Democrat’s family.

Critics immediately responded.