Man Facing Federal Charges After Threatening MTG

A resident of Dekalb County, Georgia, is now facing serious federal accusations following alleged threats he made to assassinate Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and her team in the previous week.

The Department of Justice disclosed that Sean Patrick Cirillo, 34, made his preliminary appearance in federal court on Monday. The charges leveled against him pertained to the interstate threats he allegedly issued targeting Greene and her personnel.

U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan, representing the Northern District of Georgia, stated that Cirillo’s purported threats to harm the Congresswoman and her staff were calculated to instill dread in those who serve the public. He warned that anyone threatening or attempting to intimidate government officials could anticipate swift charges and robust prosecution.

During his court appearance on Monday, evidence was put forth that implicated Cirillo in making threatening calls to Greene’s office in Washington, D.C., on two occasions on November 8. These threats were directed not only at Greene and her team but also extended to their family members.

Evidence presented in court included chilling phrases allegedly uttered by Cirillo, such as, “Yeah, like a sniper rifle, I’ve got a bead on her. And I’m going to kill her next week. I’m going to murder her. I’m going to shoot her in the head.”

It is alleged that Cirillo continued to issue threats throughout the call. He was reported to have said, “Tell the FBI, okay? I’m going to kill this woman. Tell her I’ll kill you too if you want.”

Cirillo then reportedly shouted retribution threats, warning those in power would face consequences once they lose their authority.

The case is currently under the jurisdiction of the Atlanta field office of the FBI.

In a recent chapter of the ongoing saga of political antagonism, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican, has once again found herself in the crosshairs of intimidation. A resident of New York, Joseph Morelli, has been sentenced to a three-month stint behind bars for issuing threats to the lawmaker.

Morelli, aged 51, received his sentence on Thursday in a federal court located in Syracuse. He had previously admitted his guilt in February, accepting the charge of making a series of threatening phone calls to Greene’s office in Washington, D.C., throughout 2022.

The prosecutors in the case detailed how Morelli took his threatening campaign to a new level on March 3, 2022. In a voicemail message left at Greene’s office, Morelli chillingly warned, “I’m going to have to take your life into my own hands … I’m going to hurt you. Physically, I’m going to harm you.” This alarming development underscores the growing tension in the current political landscape, as this isn’t the first threat directed toward the Georgia Representative.