Man Exonerated After 30 Years In Prison For a Crime He Didn’t Commit

While the 2024 presidential election remains political lightyears away, most major media outlets are working around the clock to create a heightened focus on the impending contest for control of the White House. The second Republican presidential primary debate took place at the Ronald Reagan Library in California, but the party frontrunner Donald Trump was once again not present. Trump had previously skipped the first round of debates and has done so with good reason; he maintains a lead of over 40 points over his nearest challenger and is appearing to run away with the nomination. Even in the face of four criminal indictments, Trump has galvanized GOP voter support. On the Democratic side, the incumbent President Joe Biden also commands a large lead within his own party and enjoys widespread support among Democrats. Despite this, Biden remains vulnerable, and consistently receives low approval ratings in the polls.

One particular issue that has been at the center of politics over the last several years has been judicial and criminal reform. Indeed, progressive Democrats across the United States have placed great emphasis on this issue, and have called for the defunding of police departments, implemented cashless bail in cities across the nation, and reduced penalties for low level criminal activity. While the response to these “reforms” has often been negative (violent crime is on the rise in several major cities), this does not mean that the American judicial system is above criticism. Throughout history, individuals have been found guilty of crimes they did not commit.

Recently, a man from Oklahoma was exonerated after spending 30 years in prison for allegedly committing rape. Perry Lott was 26 years old when he was first incarcerated, but during his time behind bars he maintained his innocence. DNA evidence was released several years ago which proved the validity of his claims, and he was released immediately. Now, 5 years later, he has been fully exonerated.