Man Charged With Murder & Attempted Murder On Same Day

Anthony Dubose Jr. has been taken into custody on murder charges after the shooting death of an elderly man in Birmingham, Alabama. Stephen A. Keith Jr. was shot and died while driving.

As a result of this and an additional event in which he injured a man, Dubose is now facing attempted murder charges.

Birmingham 911 issued a lookout warning stating that an SUV was firing at a car at the intersection of Gadsden Highway and Edwards Lake Road.

According to Sgt. LaQuitta Wade, other calls began coming in shortly after, providing updates on the whereabouts of the two cars, one of which had the gunman.

A sergeant from Birmingham who was stationed nearby suddenly heard gunfire. The automobiles were located on Parkway East.

There was a collision just in front of Arby’s shortly after. After an automobile and a massive pickup truck collided, first responders discovered Keith wounded in the incident. Rushed to UAB Hospital, physicians promptly diagnosed Keith with a gunshot wound. The medical staff at the hospital declared him deceased late that night.

The truck driver was also taken to the hospital in a critical condition. The man was allegedly returning home from his workplace when the accident occurred. According to a source, his back was broken.

Another individual was shot while the authorities were still looking into the previous event. Around 3 in the afternoon, someone on High Point Terrace called for help.

Authorities reportedly apprehended the gunman at Tom Bradford Park just after 5 p.m. The man was arrested about 6:30 p.m. as police stormed the area.

The arrest was a joint effort by the Trussville Police Department, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the department’s Crime Reduction Team, and the East Precinct.

Keith was subsequently found to have been targeted, but at first, the police believed he was caught in the crossfire. It is still unclear why he was singled out and whether or not they were acquainted.

Consequently, Dubose will be detained at the Jefferson County Jail without bail.

The year 2023 had 135 murders in Birmingham, Alabama.