Man Attacks Dallas Bar Patron With Tree Branch, Flees Scene

A video shows an unidentified man outside a Texas bar shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday brandishing what seems to be a huge tree branch.

The guy struck a customer over the back of the head with the big stick before running away; the horrifying incident was captured on surveillance tape in the cafe seating area outside a club in downtown Dallas.

The man fell to the ground when he was smacked on the back of his skull.

Adam Mercado, the victim, was observed holding his head and then turning over into a fetal posture.

Taylor Monnet, who is seeing Mercado, dashes over to see if he is alright. Then she dashes back into the bar to summon assistance; all the while, the attacker strikes a City Tavern employee in the face and flees.

The Dallas police are currently looking for the perpetrator, but they are limited to using security video in their investigation.

As a public service, Mercado has asked all Dallas residents to watch the surveillance film and let him know if they recognize the attacker so that he may be captured.

According to his account, he first saw the suspect when he and Monnet headed to City Tavern on Saturday morning to meet up with buddies for a final call.

He described a man standing at the door, observing the patio guests with a whittled-down tree branch held like a spear. He sensed an issue right away.

Just before 2 a.m., the couple decided to go home. Mercado recalled, “That’s when I felt it.” 

He said he relaxed his defenses for a brief moment, and that was it—he got whacked, adding that it was like a gunshot.

Police and emergency medical technicians reportedly arrived at the site, but the couple declined an ambulance transport due to financial concerns.

Though Mercado said he went to the hospital because his head, his ears, everything was ringing.

It took Mercado six hours to get a diagnosis of concussion after he visited the emergency hospital. He reported experiencing persistent discomfort and mental confusion for several days after the incident.

He said that he was scared to leave his residence for fear of being attacked again at any moment.

Mercado expressed his gratitude for being alive and expressed his desire that anything like this would never happen again.