Majority Of Americans Doubt Biden Will Run Again

( According to a new poll commissioned by the Wall Street Journal, a majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden won’t make it to a second term in the White House – even though he has repeatedly insisted that he plans to run for in 2024.

The poll found that more than half of Americans think Biden will be a single-term president, while only 29% said that they think he will successfully make it to a second term. Some 19% said that they were unsure of what would happen.

The survey was performed by Impact Research and Fabrizio, Lee & Associates. It’s the latest indication that the general public does not have a generally positive view of the president and believes that he is unlikely to either make it to the end of his first term or will be unable to take the nomination for a second term.

In other words, everybody knows that President Joe Biden is the worst president in modern history…

Incredibly, even the Democrats seem to be aware of this. Some 32% of Democrat-voting respondents said that they don’t think Biden will run again, and 26% said that they couldn’t decide what will happen.

Only in December, just three months ago, the president told ABS News in an interview that he will run again if he is in good health.

“Fate has intervened in my life many, many times,” he said at the time. “If I’m in the health I’m in now, if I’m in good health, then in fact, I would run again.”

At 79 years old, however, Biden is the oldest president in American history and already one of the least popular. So how likely is it that he will not only be in good health in 2024, but also popular enough to win the election?