MAIL-IN VOTER FRAUD: New Jersey Dems CHARGED Over Possession Of Ballots

( While the Democrats continue pushing the lie that mail-in voting doesn’t present a unique challenge in preventing fraud, Democrats are being arrested and charged for…electoral fraud. Two Democrat councilmen from Paterson, New Jersey, who were working on a councilman’s campaign in the region have been arrested and charged with committing electoral fraud. The two men were understood to have been in the possession of mail-in ballots, and were in the process of trying to fix an election.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced last week that electoral fraud charges would be filed against Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, City Councilman Michael Jackson, as well as Abu Rayzen and Shelim Khalique.

Khalique is the brother of Shanin Khalique, another member of the Paterson city council. You might know this area for being the city that recently allowed the Islamic call of prayer to be played in public. Abu Rayzen was an activist connected to Khalique’s election campaign.

Four Democrats, all involved with electoral fraud – despite their part claiming it doesn’t exist. Stacey Abrams, the woman who has been positioning herself as Biden’s best VP option for months, even claimed that mail-in electoral fraud is a myth.

Clearly it’s not!

The charges suggest that Jackson violated election laws in New Jersey by collecting mail-in ballots from people in the city. He then delivered those ballots to the Passaic County Board of Election. When he dropped off the ballots to the board, Jackson allegedly didn’t identify who he was. One of the ballots delivered to the Board of Elections was unsealed and hadn’t been filled in.

Jackson was charged with third-degree fraud in casting a mail-in vote, as well as third-degree tampering with public records, fourth-degree falsifying or tampering with records, and third-degree unauthorized possession of ballots.

Do you see why this is a problem? Anyone who takes your ballot can open it, fill it in, or change it, before delivering it to the Board of Elections.

Charges allege that Mendez also violated state laws by collecting ballots from local voters and then delivering them without identifying himself. Even more troubling, the charges say that he knew the ballots were fraudulent and were even filled out by people who weren’t eligible to vote.

People who cannot vote in this country voted fraudulently and these Democrat activists delivered the votes.

All of the men now face between three and five years in prison for their third-degree charges, and up to a further 18 months for their fourth-degree crimes. The second-degree crimes committed all come in at up to 10 years – meaning they’re likely to be behind bars for a while. Oh, and they could be asked to pay up to $250,000 in fines.

Locals will now doubt celebrate that the fraud was caught, but what about the instances where it isn’t? How many times could this happen in November if the Democrats get their way?