Look Who’s Attending The “World Economic Forum” This Year

(PatrioticPost.com)- This week, the global elites and aspiring evil masterminds are gathering in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s annual summit.

This is the annual meeting where wealthy globalists and world politicians gather to discuss how to better impose their authoritarian ideals on the rest of the world while bypassing those pesky things like national and individual sovereignty.

In a speech on Monday, the WEF’s founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab told the 2,500 assembled globalists that the “future” is built by the “powerful community” of “global leaders” like the ones in attendance.

And for Klaus Schwab, the “future” rests on a “global agenda.”

Sounds like the most anti-American thing ever, doesn’t it?

But there are plenty of Americans in attendance this week, including members of the Biden administration, as well as members of Congress and several sitting governors from both parties.

During one panel discussion, Australia’s “eSafety Commissioner,” Julie Inman Grant suggested that it was time for a recalibration of free speech.

Who’s this “we” she’s talking about?

Speaking of “we:” Biden’s “Climate Envoy,” John Kerry told the WEF that “we” caused the so-called “climate crisis” and “we” have to stop it.

Imagine the hubris required to believe that human beings have the power to change the climate. Then again, these guys view themselves as a “powerful community” of “global leaders,” so it isn’t entirely shocking that they believe they have the power to “stop” Climate Change.

Another speaker, Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans bragged about the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” that will be able to track people’s travel and what they eat.

Sounds perfectly horrifying.

The National Pulse last week posted a complete list of those attending this year’s WEF Evil Mastermind Summit in Davos. You can see that HERE.