Liz Cheney Wants A Media Blackout Of Donald Trump’s Testimony

( On Sunday, the Jan. 6 committee member who is serving as Nancy Pelosi’s puppet, Liz Cheney, said on “Meet the Press” that the group had no plans to provide former President Donald Trump a platform to address the nation.

Chuck Todd, a lapdog “journalist,” asked Cheney about the possibility of Trump testifying before the committee after it issued a subpoena for him last week. Cheney replied that the 45th president would not be making any live appearances.

But with Cheney being Cheney these days, she could not provide a sincere explanation.

She informed Todd that the Democrats toady, Chuck Todd, would never consider the much more apparent solution because the committee did not want to allow Trump to turn the committee’s proceedings into a “food fight.”

Cheney informed Todd that “the committee regards this matter with considerable concern, and we will continue questioning the former president under oath.”

It might take many days, but it will be completed with rigor, discipline, and seriousness. She won’t permit the former president to make it into a circus. This won’t be like Trump’s first debate versus Joe Biden, with all the spectacle and food fight.

Let’s summarize all of it in two terms, shall we?

They are scared.

The committee members, particularly Liz Cheney, are acutely aware of Trump’s lasting appeal to Republicans and conservatives, who comprise approximately half of the country’s population. Because of her Ahab-like preoccupation with defeating Trump, Cheney herself lost the Republican primary for Wyoming’s congressional seat in August.

They are also aware of how tenuous the Select Committee to Investigate the Attack on the US Capitol on January 6th’s entire case is. They know the game has been rigged since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Cheney and fellow defector Adam Kinzinger as “Republican” representatives after she rejected Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the committee.

Members of the House Select Committee on Ethics know that Donald Trump, a former reality television star himself, wouldn’t just be meeting them on their terms. He’d be doing it with the evidence on his side.

They’re aware that the committee lacks a system of substantive cross-examination or an adversarial process designed to elicit the truth.

But, in the end, Liz Cheney, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and the rest of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are likely to be forgotten about when the new Congress is sworn in in January 2023.