Liz Cheney Now Betraying GOP

( Liz Cheney, the House Republican chair who only held on to her high-ranking position in the Republican Party because of her family name, hit out at Jim Banks, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, for issuing a memo reaffirming the Republican Party’s commitment to representing the workers of the United States.

In a letter to House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy last month, Banks said that House Republicans should embrace the party’s identity as a group representing the interests of the American worker – a transformation brought about by President Donald Trump’s four years in office and campaign that preceded it. He said that if working-class voters are to return to the party, then the House majority must consider working-class issues in the 2022 midterm elections.

“President Trump gave the Republican Party a political gift: we are now the party supported by most working-class voters,” he wrote. “The question is whether Republicans reject that gift or unwrap it and permanently become the Party of the Working Class.”

It’s precisely what gave the Republicans so many victories in the last election, slimming the Democratic House majority to levels not seen since the 1940s, and what allowed President Trump to dramatically increase support for the party among non-white Americans and working-class voters, too.

But Cheney doesn’t think the party should representing working-class interests and hit out at Banks for promoting a “neo-Marxist” message.

Can you believe it?

Melania Zanona of Politico wrote that Chenery said that GOP is “not the party of class warfare” and warned that “dividing society into classes while attacking the private sector is neo-Marxist and wrong.”

But Banks didn’t argue that America should be further broken down into classes – just that the working class does exist, and their concerns are important.

In fact, in his letter, Banks warned that Democrats were purposely ignoring the interests and concerns of working-class Americans.

“Democrats will keep alienating working-class voters because that’s what their donors demand, and Republicans should welcome them with open arms by fully embracing an agenda that’s worthy of their support,” Banks told McCarthy.

Her position is unlikely to surprise many in the Republican Party. Cheney famously voted to impeach former President Donald Trump based on fake and baseless accusations from the Democrats – a decision that is bound to make her a target of a pro-Trump primary challenger in the 2022 elections.